Made to Measure cheap Venetian Blinds in Hull, York, Beverley, Brough and Yorkshire

Infinity Venetian blinds are a practical choice for any home, bringing simple style plus total control over the light coming into your room. They’re also a great solution for privacy issues.

These versatile blinds are perfectly suited to any type of home. Keep things simple and discreet with a neutral shade that fades into the background. Or shake things up a little with a bold colour or a metallic option that really makes a statement. You’ll be surprised at the difference a change in slat width allows you to make too. Take a look at our aluwood Venetian blinds or aluminium blinds. They benefit from the natural look of wood while standin

Venetian Blinds Hull

Infinity Blinds Hull Aluminium Venetian blinds are an ideal solution for the office or home where light control and a clean crisp finish are required. They are supplied using an aluminium headrail with cord controls for lift and a rod for slat opening and closing. Functionality on venetian blinds can be more specific with a choice of positions for the controls.

There are 4 slat sizes for venetian blinds: 15mm / 25mm / 35mm / 50mm each giving you the option of allowing different levels of light filtration into the room. Unlimited FREE samples are available to order before you purchase so you can gauge the colour and aluminium quality of the venetian blinds you are interested in.

 A design led approach to venetian blind colours and finishes has taken aluminium venetian blinds to the home more and more in recent years. Colours range From Infinity white,black,grey,silver,green,red,purple and many many more.

Infinity blinds hull Have every colour imaginable to compliment any decor.

Now more design led colours such as stardust and silver, gold, wood effect, and stardust and scratched silver effect finished are more popular than the standard colours.

To view the full range of Infinity Hull Venetian blinds and to discover more about our current offers, request an appointment!

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